Yutao Chen

I'm a student at UC Berkeley Graduate School of Journalism fascinated by visual storytelling.

When I'm not shooting photos or videos, I pitch stories based on data and spend unhealthy amount of time visualizing interesting facts.

Here is where I compile the finished products.

campaign finance

West Contra Costa school board races attract significant donations

A visual breakdown of significant campaign donations from organizations linked with charter schools that flooded two West Contra Costa school board races.


More football fans turning out for the Chinese Super League

The average attendance of the Chinese Super League has reached an all time high, but what are some other factors influencing the young and dynamic league?


How Christopher Nolan balances box office with storytelling

A close look at director Christopher Nolan's box office record and original storytelling that makes him stand out.


Fatal Accidents Reported by Mine Operators and Contractors

An ongoing graphics project detailing mine accidents across the country.